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   Atlanta VideoCapture is the right place for all your video production service needs. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why I have developed versatile packages for various special occasions including weddings, business events and performing arts events to meet our clients’ specific requirements. Read more about the packages I offer.

Video Packages

  • Silver Wedding

Total Price: $800   Deposit: $250

   Simple but elegant wedding video that captures the main events of your wedding day. Coverage begins at the start of the wedding ceremony and continues till you leave your reception site. One professional High Definition digital video camera with a wireless microphone used during the ceremony to capture your vows. Full ceremony and the main events of the reception covered. Professionally edited for smooth action, enhanced video and audio. Three beautifully labeled and cased BluRay HD discs are included plus one  standard definition DVD and one flash drive with the program encoded in MPEG-4 (MP4) format for play by Windows Media Player or Quicktime.  Please keep in mind that a BluRay player is necessary to play an HD BluRay disc.

  • Gold Wedding

Total Price: $1000   Deposit: $300

   This full featured wedding video includes all elements of the Silver Package plus additional program elements that not only captures all the main events of your wedding day but rounds out your video with more coverage. The video begins when your wedding party first arrives at your venue and continues to the end of your reception. Full coverage of your wedding ceremony by two professional  HD cameras and a wireless microphone to capture your vows is standard with this package. Professional editing allows for seamless transitions between these two camera angles to better capture your ceremony. More time is dedicated to shooting more details of the entire event. On-camera guest comments are included.  A short three to five minute version of the program is included. One undedited, full-footage disc and one preview disc with time display is included to allow for desired scene deletion before copies are made. Up to 6 program HD BluRay disc, two flash drives and 3 DVDs are included with this package.

  • Platinum Wedding

Total Price: $1,500   Deposit: $500

   This premier wedding video program includes all the elements of both the Silver and Gold packages and adds even more content and value for your wedding dollar - a 30 photo montage of the couple growing up will be set to music and will start your program, pre-ceremony footage beginning when your wedding party first arrives at your wedding venue; full 2wedding ceremony coverage with two HD cameras; in-depth coverage of your wedding ceremony with more emphasis on your venue; arrangements and decorations throughout the venue; on-camera guest well wishes to the newlyweds; a 30 photo  honeymoon montage set to music will end your wedding video; one unedited disc with all footage; one preview DVD with time display to allow for scene deletion before copies are made;  a three to five minute short form program is included and will be uploaded to the internet; custom labeled BluRay discs , DVDs and flash drives for all adult wedding party members will be included.

  • Social Events Package
  • Total Price: $600   Deposit: $200

    Birthdays, Reunions, Quinceañeras...all wonderful events that also deserve to be captured for friends and family. No matter the event, Atlanta VideoCapture can work with you to custom craft a video program that fits your style and budget. Professional 3-chip cameras, microphones and editing techniques are used to produce your video program and the pricing is custom matched to your needs. The standard Social Events Package includes 6 hours of event coverage, one camera and wireless microphone if needed, complete coverage of event, professional editing including titling; Three beautifully labeled DVDs in presentation cases are included.

    • Performing Arts Package

    Total Price: $30/person   Deposit: $30/person

    Atlanta VideoCapture has produced many programs which capture all the vitality and exuberance of different types of Performing Arts events: Dance Recitals, Amateur and Professional Plays, Musical Concerts, Jazz Performances, Cafe Singers. And while the requirements of each program differ to some degree - the number of cameras, the types of microphones and the style of editing - they are all professionally produced with a polished style that emphasizes the performer.

    This package is targeted to larger groups of participants. The package includes a short introductory segment with titling and music, coverage of the complete performance using one professional quality, 3-chip video camera with on-board microphone to capture the true ambiance of the event; digital editing to delete any unnecessary gaps, still photo montage of participants after the event also set to music; one DVD in a presentation case both artfully decorated.

    This is usually a speculative venture in that participants pre-purchase their own copies of the event on site that day. Cash or checks made out to "Atlanta VideoCapture" are acceptable methods of payment. The event planner is not charged unless they purchase a copy for all participants, in which case a 33% discount would apply to the total. This charge may be recouped by the event planner from the participant in their own standard fees or a performance charge. All copies of the event will be delivered to the planner for distribution. A reasonable number of additional copies will be provided to all planners and staff at no charge.

    • Corporate Events Package

    Total Price: $900   Deposit: $300

    The corporate world relies on video to capture and spread the information given in all sorts of meetings, seminars and conferences. Besides the cost savings realized in travel reduction, a video program distributed via DVDs, flash drives or internet uploads gets the message out as it was delivered with clarity and without misinterpretation. These programs can also be uploaded to the internet to further facilitate distribution. Allow Atlanta VideoCapture to produce your corporate website video, informational meeting or conference program. The scope of these projects are quite variable depending on the client's need and additional requirements could alter the pricing. Package includes one professional 3-chip video camera, professional wireless microphone setup, complete daylong event coverage, digital editing with your logo if preferred, three DVDs with your logo and title printed on disc and clear, space-saving disc cover; DVD delivery included.

    Video Program Requirements

       Other than performing arts programs, a deposit must be paid at the time of booking to reserve your date and full payment is due two weeks prior to your event, at the latest. Methods of payment include  - major credit cards, cash or personal checks.  Up to three payments may be made; the first payment is non-refundable. The balance of paid funds will be refunded if notice of cancellation is received in writing at least 30 days prior to the contracted event date. Net 30 days to corporate clients with purchase order.

       Some other program  package elements are available at an additional charge - more DVDs,  flash drives, program uploads, etc. Additional charges for distant travel and overnight lodging will be determined on an individual basis - Sixty miles one way travel is included at no charge - reasonable fuel charge applied to further venue destinations; Full details of these additional charges will be  included in the contract between  the client and Atlanta VideoCapture.

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    All photos by Jamie Spaar at ShootingSpaar.com